Lesson 2
Dear Confirmation Class and Parents,

Please read the attached pages and answer the question where they are asked then mail it back to me (Lesson 2 PDF).   I think it will be helpful if members of the class and parents worked together.


Lesson 1 Response
Dear Confirmation Class and Parents

Thank you for sending me the answers to your first assignment.  I have read all your answers and responded (Response One PDF).

Parents, it will be helpful to read through my response with your youth.

I will be sending your next assignment soon.


Lesson 1
Dear Members of our Confirmation Class and Parents,

This is my first time to lead an online Confirmation Class, and I am unsure how all this will work.  I do know that if we work hard, and get our assignments in on time we will have a successful class.

Since I have never lead a class this way, I am unsure how long the class will last, but I am confident we will be working together all summer and part of the fall.  I pray that everyone will learn more about Jesus, our Presbyterian faith and heritage, and about the Bible.  Yes, we have a lot to cover.

I have attached the first two assignments.  The first is a series of Questions about the first chapter of the Gospel According to Mark (Bible Study PDF).  We will eventually read and discuss all sixteen chapters of Mark.  There is also a page on worship (Worship PDF).  In both cases, answer the questions as best you can.

Please feel free to write me with any questions you may have.  Also, (parents and students) let me know of any suggestions you think will make this a better class.  As I said, this is a first for me, and I am very open to your suggestions.

Oh, one more thing, parents please feel free to work with your child on the attached pages.

You are in my prayers,