COVID Precaution Phases and Guidelines
(updated August 31, 2021)

The purpose of this document is to define Westminster Presbyterian Church’s guidelines to protect our congregation, individuals and organizations we serve, and our community during the Pandemic. Triggers for transitioning from phase-to-phase include Nacogdoches County 7-, 14-, and 21-Day Average Covid-19 Positive Test data, local hospital Covid patient numbers, and input from local officials and medical professionals. These transitions are determined by the Session appointed WPC Covid Task Force. If the data necessitates a move to a different phase, an email notification will be sent to the congregation by the Pastor. Additionally, information will be posted on the website and social media outlets, and signage will be posted on the doors of WPC buildings.

No precautions needed. All church activities return to normal scheduling.

• Face masks are encouraged for all attendees (vaccinated and unvaccinated) at indoor Worship Services and church activities.
• Events held in Westminster Hall which include eating and drinking are limited to fifteen (15) maximum people with 6-foot spacing between each person or family unit.
• Choir, Hand-Bell Choir, and any other musicians wear face masks for Worship Services.
• Singing is allowed by attendees wearing face masks.
• Communion and the collection of Offering continues as usual.
• Groups meeting in rooms are to clean surfaces with appropriate disinfectant before leaving.

• Facemasks are required (vaccinated and unvaccinated) at indoor Worship Services and church activities. Masks are provided for those who need one.
• Maintain 6-foot spacing between each person or family unit. Signage is placed on Sanctuary pews marking proper spacing.
• Communion: We are fasting, choosing faithfully not to take communion.
• Offering plates are located at entrances and not passed up and down pews.
• A maximum of four (4) people are allowed in the choir loft, with 6-foot spacing.
• Singing is allowed, as all attendees are wearing face masks.
• Zoom meetings and gatherings are encouraged, but in-person meetings are allowed with required masking and 6-foot spacing.
• No indoor events which include eating or drinking.
• Indoor events, other than Worship Services, must be approved in advance by Session.

• Worship Services, Sunday School classes, and all meetings are virtual utilizing Facebook, website viewing, and Zoom. (Virtual method determined by organizer of event.)
• Only WPC staff members enter buildings, with proper precautions. Face-to-face meetings occur only with Session or Pastor approval.