We believe that ministering to the hearts and minds of our congregation is one of the most important things we do at Westminster Presbyterian Church. As we fellowship and learn together, we are preparing ourselves to minister to others outside the church.

Westminster Presbyterian Church is now hiring a coordinator of youth, children’s and university student Christian Education.

Purpose: To coordinate and unify the children’s, youth, and university student program into an integrated and effective ministry of Christian Education.

1. Assist the Christian Education Committee to provide PC(U.S.A.) curricula for our children’s and youth Sunday School classes, with the possibility to starting a Sunday School class for University students.
2. Coordinate materials for crafts and other programs for children’s and youth Sunday School.
3. Assist the Christian Education Committee in recruiting and scheduling teachers for Children’s and Youth Sunday School Classes, and the University class if one is formed. It is understood that the Coordinator of Youth and Children’s Christian Education will either teach or assist in teaching the Youth Sunday School class.
4. Promote and assist with planning and implementation of special events related to Christian Education (VBS, special programs and Presbyterian events, including Cho-Yeh and Mo-Ranch for youth, children, families and university students). Ensure there is adequate adult supervision for all youth and children’s events. The person filling this position will ensure that all adult supervisors have a background check on file in the church office.
5. Actively represent, organize and participate in the Nacogdoches United Youth Ministry and Westminster Youth. It is understood that the youth will normally have weekly events during the school year.
6. Attend community events in support of our children, youth and university students.
7. Communicate with all families, children, youth and university students in a timely manner using traditional and contemporary means to provide publicity, schedules and reminders.
8. Perform others duties related to Christian Education as required.

Other Information:
1. This position should average 20 hours/week. (There will be weeks when our various groups will not meet, and times when the Christian Education Coordinator will attend overnight out-of-town events).
2. A background check is required.
3. This is a twelve month position.
4. There will be quarterly reviews with representatives from the church Personnel Committee, Christian Education Committee and the pastor.
5. The pastor will be the immediate supervisor for this position.

$1,300/month salary

To apply, please forward a cover letter and a resume to wpc4u@suddenlinkmail.com.

Westminster Presbyterian Church’s members are called by God to declare God’s love for all through Jesus Christ; to nurture and encourage spiritual growth; and to share the love and joy found in Christ by giving of ourselves to our community and world.

We are a church family of about 220 members. Our family members have different opinions, different backgrounds, and differing political persuasions; however, we have one thing in common ― a desire to honor our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our basic beliefs are consistent with mainline Protestantism. We place a heavy emphasis on the sovereignty of God and our lives are lived out in gratitude for what God has accomplished for us in Jesus Christ.

Presbyterians understand the equality between clergy and laypeople, and the absolute right of the people to elect the officers who govern the church.

We welcome all to our church and believe that we offer a climate of worship which is best described as spiritual, but also classical and traditional.

In our worship we place emphasis on the proclamation of the Word, classical and traditional music, and the celebration of the sacraments.

We offer a place of service for all who call Westminster home.