New Member/Inquirer Class

It is not a requirement for joining Westminster Presbyterian Church, but we highly recommend that everyone attend our New Member/Inquirer class either before joining or soon after.

We understand that our potential and new members may have many questions about our church and about Presbyterianism in general. To help you, we offer a New Members/Inquirer Class. We offer this class twice a year and it meets for six weeks. This class is open to folks who would like to become members, those who have recently joined Westminster or for those “old timers” who would just like to brush up!

Topics covered include:
•  What do Presbyterians believe?
•  Do different Presbyterians believe different things?
•  What are the core beliefs or basic tenets of the Presbyterian Church?
•  Why do Presbyterians worship the way they do?
•  What is a Session? A Presbytery? A Synod? And the General Assembly?
•  What do Presbyterians believe about the Bible?
•  What about Baptism? The Lord’s Supper?
•  What about the “P” word (predestination)?
•  Where did the Presbyterians come from?