Presbyterian Women

We have a very active group of Presbyterian Women at Westminster Presbyterian Church. This group minister to the needs of women of all ages in the church. Please feel free to attend a meeting or one of the special events listed below. If you have questions about Presbyterian Women, please call our church office at 936-564-0203.

The Presbyterian Women is lead by a group of officers and a coordinating team to provide unity and fellowship for all women of the church. The Presbyterian Women take up special offerings and collections; are involved in church projects such as updating the kitchen; the nursery; the Valentine project; the church flower distribution; monthly meetings of Morning and Afternoon Circles and small groups. An annual Spring Birthday Offering is collected and used for mission projects to be accomplished overseas and in the United States. In the fall, a Thank Offering is collected and is sent to the Presbytery for a number of important projects.

Mission and Purpose:
Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves:
• To nurture our faith through prayer and bible study,
• To support the mission of the Church worldwide,
• To work for justice and peace and
• To build an inclusive, caring community of women that strengthens the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and witnesses to the promise of God’s kingdom.

Goals of Westminster Presbyterian Women:
• Greater consecration through Bible study and prayer
• Service to our Church locally and in world communion
• Sharing our faith, fellowship, and in Christian love, extending a warm welcome to all Presbyterian Women.

Special Events and Projects:
Cookbook Project
The Cookbook Committee offers a church cookbook for $15. Anyone interested in purchasing the cookbook may call the church office at 936-564-0203. Proceeds from the sale of the cookbook were used to redecorate the church parlor and continue to benefit projects within the church.

Two Circles meet monthly for bible study, fellowship and prayer. Circles meet monthly except in June, July, August and December

The Morning Circle meets on the fourth Thursday at 9:30 a.m. in the church Parlor.
The Afternoon Circle meets on the second Monday at 1 p.m., usually at the home of one of the members. For the next meeting place, please call the church office at 936-564-0203.

Prayer Shawl Ministry
Shawls or throws are knitted r crocheted and given to people who might benefit from a tangible reminder of God’s presence and love.

The Valentine Project
We assemble Valentine boxes full of baked goods, crackers, gum, snacks of all kinds, pens, pencils, and Valentine fun stuff for our members in the military, in and out-of-town college students, church staff, choir students, and shut-ins.

Flower Distribution
We deliver the flowers that are part of our worship service each Sunday to shut-ins, members in the hospital or with special needs. We give flowers to people for birthdays, new babies, illnesses, those in nursing homes and “just because.” Recipients do not have to be members of the church. If you know of someone who needs these lovely flowers, please call the church office at 936-564-0203.

Mid-Day Noels
These annual holiday events include music in the sanctuary followed by a luncheon. Check the calendar for upcoming program details and event dates.

Special Needs
This committee provides food for funeral receptions of church members, food as needed because of illness or surgery, rides to church and/or other church functions.

Honorary Life Membership Award
We confer The Honorary Life Membership Award upon an individual in recognition of faithful service in the church’s work.

Special Collections:
Fellowship of the Least Coin
Began in 1956 by Shanti Solomon who had gone from India to join a group sponsored by the Presbyterian Women’s Organization. She was denied entrance into Korea and had to remain in the Philippines. She wanted some way that Christian women could witness together to their mutual longings for fellowship and reconciliation. If only there were something concrete in which all could participate equally, despite differences in station or circumstances. What if each were to set aside the least coin of her country to add to those of her sisters as a tangible expression of the prayerful dedication those coins would represent? Each year the total amount is announced by the Asian Church Women’s Conference, who administers grants. But money has never been the purpose of the Fellowship of the Least Coin. It is only a material symbol of the purpose which is prayer, reconciliation and the participation of Christian Women.

Birthday Offering
In 1922, Mrs. Hallie Winsborough, superintendent of Women’s Work, visited Miss Sowd’s School for Girls in Kochi, Japan. She challenged all the women of the church to give one penny for each year of their lives (or a dollar) as a “Birthday Gift” to those schoolgirls in Japan. The offerings have enabled a long succession of new and innovative mission projects to be accomplished both overseas and in the United States. This offering is received in the spring and may be dedicated at Spring Gatherings.

Thank Offering
Originated by Mrs. Elizabeth Clokey of Ohio, each woman was to give a dollar above her usual contribution as a “thank offering to her Lord.” In 1888, a day was set aside as a day of prayer and thanksgiving. The meetings were to be concerts of prayer, praise and gathering of the Thank Offering. This offering is received in the fall and may be dedicated at Fall Gatherings.