Westminster Presbyterian Church has a communion service on the first Sunday of every month, with a reception following in the church parlor. We also serve communion at our Christmas Eve and Maundy Thursday evening services. We take Communion to homebound members and friends upon request.

Communion and Children
From time to time, either in Sunday School or during children’s choir practice our pastor will teach a short unit on the Lord’s Supper to our children. We understand that our children will not completely understand the meaning of the Lord’s Supper; however, as baptized members of the church they are eligible to receive the sacrament.

At Westminster we leave it to the parent’s discretion as to when is the best time for their children to start receiving the sacrament. However, we discourage your child from receiving communion until they have received some instruction from our pastor, who is willing to visit in your home to speak with your child about the sacrament.